Sound of Silver Spin / by Carl Bindman

Published in The Link online on October 19 2015

Last week a rumor went around that LCD Soundsystem was getting back together. Fans rejoice! That didn’t happen—fans dejoice!—but it’s still a fine excuse to revisit one of the seminal albums of the ‘00’s.

Sound of Silver came out in 2007 and has aged incredibly well. That happens when music has character. James Murphy, the frontman/visionary behind LCD Soundsystem, imbues the songwriting with all of his wit and ire and irony and anger. The songs have laugh lines, enriched by every pass of the needle (see: “North American Scum”). The songs have grooves carved from tears, and they are deep (see: “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”). And they really are groovy—don’t think that because thought went into this that you can’t dance to it.

Actually, Murphy expects you to dance and think simultaneously. Get drunk, dance slowly, and mourn to “Someone Great” and its pulsing rhythm. Drink coffee, dance frenetically, and boggle at the passage of time to “All My Friends” and its simplicity-looped-into-mania. Be sober, dance quietly, and get innocuous to “Get Innocuous!” Except you won’t be able to, because the anything-but-innocuous energy of the song is shared by the album. That energy is expressed in all kinds of ways, and is very human.

That humanity is in pianos and basses and guitars and drums and computers, and it wants you to join it. If you do, you too will be sad that LCD Soundsystem isn’t reuniting